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Feeling aches and hearing cracking in your bones and joints is not a pleasant experience. Sadly, at some point in our life, we all have to live through it. Bones and joints are constantly under pressure. If you want to keep them healthy, you should use Zdorov Cream for Joints and Bones. Its all-natural propolis-based formula is exactly what your body needs to take better care of its bones.

The medication preserves the natural balance of microelements in bone and joint tissue. It is a highly effective preparation designed to relieve pain and prevent chronic diseases like arthritis. The remedy helps improve the condition of bones, ligaments, and joints. It keeps your connective tissues moisturized and flexible while dramatically strengthening your bones and joints.

The best thing about this remedy is that it is made of only natural ingredients. All of the components come from bees. These kind insects gather essentials from nature itself and concentrate them in various substances that can be used to our advantage. Propolis and honey have incredible healing capabilities. Even dead bees contain a lot of vitamins and useful microelements that improve your general wellbeing.

With this excellent remedy, you will forget about aching bones and joints. You will feel young and strong once again. You will be able to make your legs, arms, and your whole body stronger.

How It Works

Cream Zdorov has many incredible properties. It is a topically applied spread that can be used whenever you feel like it. Regular use is highly recommended for better results. You can use this outstanding preparation for multiple purposes:

  • Remove inflammation, swelling, and other symptoms
  • Improve joint mobility within less than a week
  • Do not let salt deposition
  • Preemptively treat arthritis and osteochondrosis
  • Get rid of that cracking noise when you move your limbs


The list of ingredients is quite short. Nonetheless, each component has its own purpose and brings a unique set of micronutrients and vitamins to the table. All ingredients can be found on your local beekeeping farm.

  1. This valuable substance has a lot of medical applications and has been used by our ancestors as an extremely effective preparation against inflammation and swelling.
  2. Bee wax. This substance improves liquid circulation and also helps reducing inflammation. It also acts as a coating agent.
  3. Olive oil. Commonly used to improve liquid circulation and help with inflammation. It also binds together all ingredients in a nice emulsion.
  4. Horse chestnut. The extract of this nut has incredible healing potential and can be used to improve blood circulation. It also contains a plethora of micronutrients.

How to Use

There are only four simple steps:

  • Wash your hands and squeeze a little cream on your palms
  • Gently apply the cream to problematic areas
  • Rub the cream into your skin and leave it for a whole day or night
  • Repeat the procedure once a day for at least three weeks for greater results


My bones were hurting and traditional medicine was helpless. I honestly felt desperate and wanted to just give up. However, one of my friends recommended this magical cream. It worked like a charm. I forgot about my pains in less than two weeks!

Anna, 68

I use this simple cream for my training routines. Sportsmen need to take good care of their bones and joints. On top of using various supplements and adding a lot of calcium in my diet, I also decided to include Zdorov Cream in my routine. Works well so far.

Donny, 27

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