Whitening Facial Cream

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WellTox Whitening Facial Cream

The vast majority of women have problems with pigmentation or freckles. Some just don’t like the color of their skin thinking that it is too dark. These cosmetic problems can significantly reduce your self-confidence or lead to dramatic complications. Pigmentation is never a good thing and freckles are often connected to skin cancer.

WellTox is a new all-natural cosmetic remedy that can be used to whiten the skin and correct the pigmentation of the skin. It is a very simple solution to a problem that can be quite concerning for some women. If you have freckles or dark spots on your face, you definitely need WellTox, one of the most effective remedies in the market. If you have a darker skin that you want to lighten up, you can also use WellTox!

This cream has been gaining popularity among women all over the world. Due to its safe formula and amazing results that can be observed after a week of use, the cream quickly gained a strong reputation amongst users. WellTox is a premium solution that comes at a very low price and can be used by any woman who wants to get rid of freckles and dark spots!

How It Works

The formula of the remedy affects the skin on multiple levels. The product provides additional nutrition for skin cells and forces rapid regeneration. At the same time, several ingredients affect the rate of pigment production in the skin tissues reducing the number of pigment deposits in the upper layer of your skin. Freckles and dark spots disappear within the first week. Use it for at least three weeks and you will start noticing that the tone of your skin also changes to a lighter one!


There are three core complexes and each contains natural, organic components providing additional nutrition, care, and protection for your skin.

  • Skincare complex contains trimethylglycine (found in many plants), licorice extract, and lactic acid to nourish your skin
  • Recovery complex contains kaolinite, rosemary extract, and vitamin E in order to enforce the rapid regeneration of skin cells
  • The protective complex contains D-panthenol and allantoin, naturally occurring acids that protect and moisturize your skin

How to Use It

WellTox is a perfect skin care system that removes freckles and dark spots. It is a system that should be used regularly in order to achieve good results.

  1. Apply an even layer of the cream on your face and rub it in
  2. Apply an additional layer to areas with freckles and dark spots
  3. Use it preemptively to prevent dark spots and freckles from appearing on your face


I’ve been struggling with freckles for my whole life and wanted to find an effective answer. Radical measures and dangerous cosmetic procedures were out of the question. I needed a natural remedy. Luckily, I found WellTox, a very simple yet effective cream that helped me get rid of freckles once and for all within three weeks! I highly recommend it!

Jennifer, 27

I always thought that my skin is darker than it should be. I mean, I wanted it to be a little bit lighter. All those cosmetic creams with dangerous chemicals that burn pigments were not very appealing to me. I decided to try an all-natural product, WellTox. I was amazed at how quickly it changed the tone of my skin to a lighter one. I used it for four weeks and it worked wonderfully!

Lana, 32

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