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Do you start worrying about hair loss? Have you noticed lately some hair on your pillow or a little less hair on your head? You may not be too worried now, but it's good to know that this can lead to men's hair loss or heritable hair loss and is progressive. If you do not do something now, you will continue to lose your hair further. One of the most worrying things about hair loss is that men start to notice hair thinning just after 50% of hair is lost.

How it works

It's important to remember that you have not lost all your hair overnight - it's been a process that has taken place over time. The same is true of hair growth. Although VitaHair Max works immediately, it may take 2 months before you see new hair. After that, it is important to use VitaHair Max every day to keep the results. Here is a brief summary of what to expect in the first 2 months of using VitaHair Max.


The top-secret of VitaHair Max is its structure containing of natural components, proteins and stimulants. The key benefit of VitaHairMax is that it returns the beauty and energy of even the most smashed and tinny hair. The exclusive concentrated formula VitaHairMax was intended to advance the form and re-emergence of hair:

  1. Procapil helps refresh hair by refining metabolism and follicular structure. It also supports and returns hair follicle to life to stop hair loss.
  2. Keratin is a usual protein that gives to the natural hair structure and to the upper part of the human skin. It has unusual abilities that shelter epithelial cells from ruin and stress to refresh hair follicles.
  3. Magnesium stops calcium buildup from the scalp and clog the follicle, decreases the scalp tenderness triggered by calcium. It encourages blood circulation and advances protein synthesis and typical hair growth.
  4. Caffeine infiltrates the root and inspires hair growth. It also blocks hormone dihydrotestosterone which disturbs the follicle and reasons hairlessness in men.

How to use it

VitaHair Max Hair Growth provides you freedom from taking those messy pills that provide zero effects. Listed are the four easy steps that show you how to use the same properly. Take a look:

  • Make your hair dry completely
  • Sprinkle hair repair to the area where you experience baldness or thinness
  • Gently fit and adjust the same
  • Lastly, apply the hair fixer and see the results!


I I've lost all hope. I've noticed that I'm losing more and more hair every day. My brush was full of hair and I was falling at a much faster pace than I could naturally replace. I was devastated by my hair and I could not stop it. Thank you VitaHair Max, you changed my life!

Peter, 27

The hereditary hair was not found in my family, but my hair started falling a year ago. I tried to use more products, changed my shampoo, but it still did not work. I did not know what to do until a friend of mine recommended me to try VitaHair Max. Once I started using it, I noticed a drastic change in the first month.

 Jack, 33

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John Winter
John Winter
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Expiration Date

2 years

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Store at 25C in a dark place

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Possible long-term use

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