Means of foot deformation

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Valgu-Correct for the correction of bone-to-foot deformity

Many people today suffer from ill-fated bones around their thumbs and know firsthand what discomfort and pain brings such a defect. But today there is one of the most effective solutions to this problem. This is an application of Valgu =-Correct. This product has a rather powerful effect, due to which inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joints stop. As a result, the lump completely disappears or is significantly reduced.

How it works

Valgu-Correct according to clinical trials, reliably fixes the big toe in the correct position, while not interfering with normal movement. It is an elastic gum with a special helium gasket, which, while walking, holds the thumb and corrects the location of all the toes. In the presence of a bone, suspends its growth and normalizes the physiological position of the joints of the toes.


When creating products, only safe materials that do not cause allergic reactions were used, while the patch is elastic, so you almost immediately get used to wearing it, and after a couple of days you will not feel the product on your finger at all. It made from elastic helium material Valgu Correct is used at the initial and pronounced stages of valgus deformity. The problem is that the thumb deviates from the physiological axis, deforming the joint.


Proof of Valgu-Correct has several advantages. That is why it is worth buying it:

  1. Suitable for the prevention of deformities of the joints of the foot, and for the treatment of the first stage of development of the “bone”
  2. Fits tightly to the foot, allowing you to wear with absolutely any shoes, including summer and open shoes;
  3. Elastic material does not interfere when walking, and also protects against the formation of corns, rubbed stones;
  4. It is made of the safe material which is not causing an allergic reaction;
  5. Contribute to the correct location of the toes, for example, in the case of their crossing.

How to Use It

Correctors are small patches that have a specific shape. They need to wear right on the big toes. Correctors are great for any shoe and do not hinder movement while walking. Due to this, the products are considered very convenient and easy to use.

The correct way to use the corrector is described in the product manual.

  • you need to put the retainer on your thumb and press it tightly against the skin;
  • wear a patch for at least 6-8 hours every day;
  • the duration of the application of the corrector depends on the degree of deformation, the size of the bump and the correctness of compliance with the prescriptions (until such time as there is a result that satisfies you).

Usually, the first positive changes are noticeable already 10–12 days after wearing the fixative. To get a stable and pronounced effect, it is recommended to wear a patch daily for 1-3 months.


Due to the constant wearing of high-heeled shoes, a bone began to appear, which not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also brings pain. I got Valgu-Correct for the stock, so the price was reasonable. Wore every day, as indicated in the recommendation, not less than 6 hours. About a week later, the severe pain when walking was gone. Stone remained, but it seems to me, it became less convex.

Ann, 45

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Joanne Black
Joanne Black
Author, journalist

Params, characteristics

Expiration Date

2 years

Storage method

Store at 25C in a dark place

Rate of application

1-3 month

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