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Vagiline cares for your women's health

A situation where a woman has to think about narrowing the vagina usually occurs after birth, but may be caused by other reasons. In any case, such a topic is considered to be quite restricted and almost no discussion. Nevertheless, it is the place to be. If you are concerned about this problem, other than its solution - a natural gel Vagiline narrowing of the vagina.

How It Works

The cause of the problem lies in the change in the position of the pelvic organs and the weakening of the muscle tissue. The problem affects the uterus and vagina. Daily physical exercises can help for a while but cannot offer the final solution of this problem.

Recently there has been developed a natural gel Vagiline that will help you: 

  • tone the muscles of the intimate muscles, promotes narrowing of the vagina;
  • make its walls more elastic and elastic;
  • fight against pathogenic microflora-fungi and other infections, improves the natural microflora of the vagina;
  • stimulate the production of grease;
  • soften fabrics;
  • accelerate the healing of the vaginal walls.


The composition contains natural ingredients, the main ingredient of which is the extract of Xymenium. This is a component from which the craving for the cream does not develop and there are no allergic reactions. 

  1. Chamomile – relieves inflammation, eliminates potential pain, fights infections, kills pathogens, tones vaginal muscles, resulting in norm and promotes their contraction, and promotes vasodilatation. Chamomile gently affects the tissue, so it prevents the occurrence of any irritation;
  2. Coconut oil softens and moisturizes the skin, promotes their healing, if they are damaged, makes the tissue more elastic and elastic, so that the muscles can become tighter, and the vagina, respectively, narrows;
  3. Aloe Vera perfectly eliminates existing inflammatory processes, has an antibacterial effect, destroys pathogenic microflora, stimulates muscle fibers, making them stronger and more elastic, increases local immunity, stimulates blood circulation in the pelvis;


The fact that the female muscles in the vagina tend to stretch is a well-known fact. This may be a lot of reasons, but in any case requires intervention, as the loss of muscle tone of the vagina is usually cause a significant deterioration in sex life, or even its absence. Because of this pleasure does not experience any man or woman, and it is obvious that in a relationship sooner or later there will be problems if nothing is done. To help in this case, you will be able tool Vagiline, which is able to recover the intimate muscles. 

This tool is made on a natural basis and therefore is completely natural, and in the gynecological sphere it is very important. After all, with violations of the vaginal microflora can begin a variety of health problems. This gel only improves the microflora and fights harmful bacteria. It has no contraindications, can be used at any age and does not cause adverse reactions. 

How to Use It

The gel has an excellent texture, has a gentle and soft effect. It is quickly absorbed, so it is very easy to use, does not cause discomfort. A small amount of the product is rubbed into the vagina once a day. The procedure should be repeated daily for a month. See the attached instructions for more information. 


I could not get pregnant for a long time because the vagina and uterus were in the wrong position. My husband and I decided not to hurry with IVF, but to try to change the way we live, to make them more athletic, with proper nutrition, with special cosmetic products. One of them is exactly the Vagiline gel. In only 1 month of regular use, I was able to get pregnant! Now the 4th month of pregnancy has already started while I do not use the gel. I think I will need it again in a year. 

Mary, 31

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Joanne Black
Joanne Black
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