Spray against Smoking

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Nicoin — Forget about Cigarettes!

Smoking tobacco is one of the worst bad habits on this planet. It kills millions annually and persists despite all our best efforts. The problem is that many smokers cannot quit. They smoke despite knowing possible complications and experiencing the worst sides of the issue. High blood pressure, tiredness, coughing, and many other problems that significantly reduce the quality of life of a smoker are more than well-known to many tobacco addicts.

Any addiction is a disease that requires treatment. Nicoin is an all-natural, fully organic remedy that was designed by professionals to help you fight off your addiction. Nicotin is a poison that brings nothing but bad to your body. The sad thing is that the vast majority of medications against smoking contain nicotine.

Nicoin is the first anti-smoking remedy that does not contain any nicotine or its substitutes. It is a highly effective remedy that works well on multiple levels. It is a spray which makes it more convenient to use. It does not contain any nicotine. It is made of only natural components and extracts that provide vitamins, micronutrients, and only useful stuff for your body!

How It Works

All components of this remedy are natural suppressors of nicotine hunger. While the main villain in your fight against addiction is a psychological habit, nicotine addiction is also a very important factor. You brain is used to receiving a dose of nicotine whenever it wants it. This means that you need to suppress this hunger for poison. Nicoin does exactly that by affecting both your metabolism and brain!


There multiple components that make this remedy as effective and potent as it is, but we want to focus your attention on three vital ingredients:

  1. Chitin’s ability to inhibit some areas of your brain to reduce the urge to smoke is one of recent scientific findings that gave birth to this remedy
  2. Viscum album extract inhibits your brain’s desire to receive “highs” from all sources including nicotine providing a calming effect
  3. Libyan Mentha extract also helps you fight off the addiction by inhibiting your craving for nicotine

How to Use It

There are no known side effects, but you still should not use this remedy too often. The recommended amount of usages per day depend on your habits and age.

  • If you feel an urge to smoke, simply spray some Nicoin in your mouth
  • Use it on a daily basis to control your hunger and nicotine craving
  • Use Nicoin on a daily basis to completely quit smoking

You will notice positive changes within the first week of use. Cravings completely perish away after two-three weeks of treatment! You will stop smoking without any efforts!


I’ve been a smoker for my whole life. I didn’t even see myself as a person free of nicotine addiction. All those nicorettes and plasters did not help at all. I thought that I was a lost cause until I found Nicoin. It helped me get rid of my addiction once and for all. It’s like you don’t even want to smoke after using Nicoin!

Adam, 52

People say that women are more likely to become addicted to substances. I don’t know about drugs, but it is sure true for smokes. I started smoking in high school and could not stop. I’ve lost a very good job due to being unable to quit smoking. Nicoin helped me overcome this devil and forget about tobacco!

Melissa, 41

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Tracey Lee
Tracey Lee
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