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General health and nutrition, of course, affect not only the quality of hair, but also their growth. Dieting has serious consequences: usually the hair begins to fall out 6-10 weeks after the diet. Naturally, hormonal background also matters. If you exclude health problems and believe that you are not on a diet, then how can you improve the quality, quantity and length of hair? Some minerals are especially important for hair growth. In particular, zinc. Lack of zinc leads to the fact that the hair becomes thinner, less and grow poorly. Acute zinc deficiency can lead to baldness. B vitamins not only play a definite role in growth, but also improve the physical properties of the hair: elasticity, strength, shine.

Today girls of all ages are dreaming about long hair because it is really trendy these days. Some of them solve this problem with hair extension, others use natural supplements as Locerin and as result the affect is better.

How it works

Locerin is a complex various vitamins and ingredients that helps you restore your hair. It plays a role in helping the body to produce amino acids, which are important in making keratin. American researchers wanted to see if biotin had an effect on generally healthy women with thinning hair that was a result of thyroid issues, alopecia, or medications. They found that there was a significant amount of new hair growth after just 90 days of taking an oral supplement twice a day. They also noticed that the participant’s hair was shinier and less brittle, and their nails and skin also looked better after the study!

  • Operatively fights off varicose
  • Lowers off the feeling of heavy legs
  • Decreases swelling
  • Keeps up blood vessel walls


Locerin is using a special formula that helps your hair become longer.  This supplement is base only on natural ingredients. The majority of supplements that promise either to fix the structure of your hair or make it grow faster uses chemicals and unnatural ingredients. In comparison with others Locerin involves such components as:

  1. Horsetail provides for fast and powerful hair growth;
  2. Copper maintains your immune system that affects better hair growth;
  3. Bamboo stem soaks up the harmful thing in your body and as a result helps improve your skin, nails, hair and appearance in general;
  4. Nettle leaf is a typical origin of the vitamins and minerals. It successfully mops up vitamins and effectually builds up skin, nails and hair.

How to use it

As Locerin supplements does not have any drawbacks and consists only of natural components the term of taking is absolutely up to you.  The only difference either you take it for 2 months or 4 months is the effect. The majority of women after delivering a child take the supplement at least for 2 months and the result is shiny and strong hair. The producers advise to use the supplement as long as you can - it does not matter after or before the meal.


After giving a birth to a child I started losing my hair and could not find the way how to deal with this problem. I am a young lady and losing hair is not really attractive. I was really upset about it and decided to ask my friends to help me. My cousin recommended me to test Locerin ‘cause her experience showed that this supplement really works. Now, I have been using it for 2 months and my hair is shiny and strong now.

Jane, 25

After being stressed I started losing my hair. I did not know what to do. Once my husband bought Locerin. I tried and what was my surprise it really helped. I strongly recommend you to use it if you have stumbled with such a problem.

Dana, 26

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Alan Wayne
Alan Wayne
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Expiration Date

2 years

Storage method

Store at 25C in a dark place

Rate of application

2 months

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