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Most men, despite age and status, wish their penis was longer or thicker. Today, this desire is not impossible – you can increase using a mechanical pump, a special stretching device or to go under the surgeon's knife. It's painful, long and expensive, but the result is guaranteed. There is more simple and budget option is to buy a spray Dominator for men.

How It Works

It’s no secret that size does matter for men, that`s why their concern is quite obvious. Unlike other stimulators and pills, Dominator spray, developed by lead specialists, is the best alternative to surgical treatment, which guarantees penis enlargement up to 7 cm. Using specifically created natural formula you can achieve a better penis size and sexual performance: you will enjoy sex to the fullest and give pleasure that most women dream about yet never experience.

This product has a natural composition. Components are completely harmless and can cause a small increase in the length and width of the penis and in addition to improve the potency (erection, prolong the duration of sex).


The composition of this drug includes natural substances, which provide an instant effect. Each of the ingredients is responsible for performing its specific function, but in general they demonstrate a miraculous result. Users say that after applying for several minutes, the male dignity thickens. The organ increases in size, preparing for a prolonged sexual intercourse. Contraindications for this drug is almost none. It cannot be used only with personal sensitivity to its components.

Spray "Dominator", according to doctors, includes only natural ingredients. Their features we will consider right now:

  1. These are the active substances that contribute to the increase in the size of the penis and improve overall metabolism.
  2. Patchouli oil. It is necessary to increase sexual desire and increase libido.
  3. Essential chamomile oil. Has softening, enveloping and moisturizing properties. Qualitatively prepares the skin of the sexual organs for a long sexual act.
  4. Muscat essential oil. Promotes sensuality and blood circulation in the genitals.


The claim is that all who have tried the Dominator, surely be satisfied. Men in their reviews praise the tool for that:

  • The spray is cheap – its price is much less than the cost of augmentation of a member.
  • The supplement has a neutral smell, light texture, leaves no residue, does not cause adverse reactions.
  • Has natural ingredients, a minimum of contraindications (it is only prohibited if you are allergic to components), can be used by all men.
  • After using the spray Dominator penis will increase by at least 2 cm, maximum 7 cm.
  • Apart from increasing the penis Dominator strengthens erections, increases duration of sexual intercourse.

How to Use It

Bottle of spray the Dominator is equipped with a measuring pipette, so that the control means is quite simple. Each session should be two or three zilch. Agent should apply by massaging movements on sexualcock, gently stretching the skin of the penis.

Instructions say to use the spray can one – time for short-term short-term penis enlargement. And it is possible to complete a full course during 1-1,5 months (at the rate of just one bottle). Judging by the real reviews from customers, it helps to improve potency, and also serves as an excellent preventative measure against diseases of the genitourinary system (due to a variety of useful minerals in the composition).


Increases by 5 centimeters. It is a pity that the result is short-lived. By the way, after applying a little tingling, but nothing critical, it is tolerable and does not interfere with sex.

Alex, 35

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