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Artraid Makes Your Bones Stronger

In the US and Canada, about 47% of people with diabetes and 49% of people with heart disease have arthritis. Osteochondrosis occurs just as frequently. It is hard to deny that we are living in the age of epidemic. Bones and joints are suffering due to our modern life style. We cannot afford to go to gym due to tight schedules. We have to eat junk food. We do not have proper nutrition and necessary microelements to protect our bones and joints.

Artraid is a modern answer to this problem. A remedy designed strengthen your joints and bones by providing your organism with valuable micronutrients will definitely improve not only the condition of your bones, but your general wellbeing. Artraid is a perfect example of a great idea implemented in a very efficient, working way.

With a series of clinical trials to back up the effectiveness of this remedy, Artraid is certainly amongst most popular all-natural preparations. The core of the remedy is a selection of extracts and essential oils containing minerals, metals, and vitamins. This mix will allow you to move painlessly once again and to prevent the development of osteochondrosis.

How It Works

Artraid affects your metabolism and enhances the liquid exchange in your body allowing for better nutrition of bones and joints. The remedy greatly enhances the ability of your body to regenerate connective tissues and improve the condition of your bones.

By enhancing various biological processes, the remedy works slowly, over time. It is not a miracle. It is a scientifically designed preparations capable of changing how your body works. Effective solutions do not come from prejudice and sheer belief. The only reasons why this remedy works is that it is backed up by science.


There are several important components in the remedy. Each ingredient was selected for its healing qualities and nutritional value:

  • Purple marshlocks improves the condition of connective tissues and provide valuable building materials for your ligaments.
  • Hops extract is an effective anesthetic and also has anti-inflammatory qualities that relief pain and reduce bacterial activity.
  • Cedar resin contains micronutrients that enhance the ability of your body to regenerate bone tissue and joints.
  • Burdock extract is a mild painkiller that does not have any opiates and other undesired substances that may bring harm to your body.

How to Use It

It is quite easy to Artraid cream.

  • Wash your hands carefully;
  • Squeeze a couple of drops of cream on your palms;
  • Rub the cream in elbows and knees;
  • Leave it on for a couple of hours.

You should repeat the procedure every day for at least a couple of week to experience intended therapeutic effect. Note that the remedy is also a great method of preemptive treatment of many diseases that affect your bones and joints. Use it on a regular basis to prevent osteochondrosis or arthritis.


Artraid is an easy-to-use, effective remedy that I have been using for the last year. I noticed that it worked well with the course of medications and exercises prescribed by my doctor. I think that adding something truly natural to my treatment that seemingly based on a bunch of suspicious chemicals is a good idea!

Helen, 56

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Artraid before. Some of my friends used it as a supplement to their training. I work out regularly and try to stay in shape. For a guy like me (I’m in my 40s), having something that keeps my bones in shape is a life-saver. Lifting weights and doing manual work can be quite hard and Artraid helps me heal my bones naturally.

Glen, 43

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