Tibetan Healing Methods for Yeast and Fungus Infections

Tibetan Healing Methods for Yeast and Fungus Infections

There are legends and fairytales about various mystical practices of Tibetan monks when it comes to unconventional medicine. Tibetans use remedies and methods that are very alien to the rest of the world. However, the variety of remedies and their effectiveness are undisputed and have been adopted by many other cultures over the course of centuries.

It is all true in regards to treating various yeasty infections and fungal infections that attack toes, fingers, and nails.

There are four main types of such infections:

  • Distal subungual onychomycosis. This form of infection is one of the most frequently occurring and usually affects the nail bed or develops in the cavity between the skin and the plate.
  • White superficial onychomycosis or WSO. If you notice weird white formations on the nail plate and white depositions under the plate, chances are you got in that 10% group of people who get WSO. However, it can be mistaken for simple keratin granules that are quite harmless and usually form because of nail polish.
  • Proximal subungual onychomycosis. When your newly formed nail plate forms a so-called fold, the fungus can penetrate a still soft tissue and cause massive damage. It happens to people with weakened immune systems.
  • Candidal onychomycosis is a frequent problem for people who work with water. This form of infection occurs after traumas and tissue damage.

How Tibetans Treat Nails

Yeast infection or onychomycosis is a very common thing that occurs in many patients regardless of their lifestyle and habits. We are all in a group of risk. Traditional methods of treatment do not provide a long-lasting effect and often give you only a very brief relief. Sometimes, it takes months to get rid of the fungus.

Tibetan healers use various essential oils and create remedies based on beaver’s musk and lard in order to completely remove the infection within a couple of weeks. The effect is usually long-term and much stronger compared to methods practiced in the west.

Some remedies produced by Tibetan healers are exported to other countries. For example, Nomidol+ is a very efficient cream that contains high-quality ingredients gathered by herbalists in Tibet. This remedy is a copy of recipes used by ancient herbalists to treat the problem of fungal infections. There were multiple clinical tests that proved that Nomidol+ and similar remedies eradicate fungal infections 5-6 times faster compared to many forms of treatments commonly used in western medicine.

Why Does It Work?

Nomidol+ contains only high-quality ingredients that were gathered in the wilderness. The true power of nature and the spirit of the wild make sure that your body is healed properly. There are several components that make the remedy strong and powerful:

  • Melissa essential oil reduces itching and discomfort.
  • Hypericum extract improves blood circulation and heals your skin.
  • Chelidonium extract reduces bleeding and provides a strong antiseptic effect.
  • Beaver’s musk works as a mediator and delivers active components to the heart of the infection.

It is a very simple product that does not have any chemicals and artificial ingredients. It is a remedy that was designed by healers over the course of centuries!

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