How to Protect Your Kid from Colds and Flus

How to Protect Your Kid from Colds and Flus

Hey, guys! Helen here with my story. It’s not something special. In fact, I think that the vast majority of moms out there have their fair share of experience with what I have to tell. Children catching a cold. That’s it. That is the problem.

My son Danny spends a day in school and two days at home coughing and sneezing. I dread the fall since I start preparing for winter when my child returns home sick every once in a while. I don’t think that my child has a very weak immune system. He was a very healthy toddler and never had any issues with health. When other toddlers were puking and screaming, my son was running around happily. Then, the school started.

Why Does It Matter?

So what? Kids often get sick and many get occasional flu. However, my kid was coming home with a very red face and coughing quite often. During winters he would be sick up to five times! A year ago, I had to take an unpaid vacation to care for my kid. My husband works 40+ hours per week and I usually have 20 or so hours per week of work. It keeps our bills paid.

When your kid is sick so often, you not only have to pay for medicine and doctors. You also have to skip work hours and it definitely makes new holes in your budget. I could have saved at least a couple hundred bucks by working when I could instead of looking after my kid.

Health often means financial stability. Obviously, I don’t want my child to be sick and that is exactly why I chose him over making money and hiring a nurse. But honestly, I was tired to spend hours at clinics and losing time and money due to sitting at home. I wanted to find a solution!

A Simple Answer

One of my friends told me about a remedy that they were using — Immunetika. I did not think much about it. How a mix of herbs and vitamins could help, I did not know. However, I decided to give it a go. Ordered two packs at once.

Well, what can I say, I have to say that it worked perfectly. The remedy worked as promised. It was the first winter when my son spends all required days in school and never came back coughing. It was also the first month when I could work 30 hours and saved more money. It was an all-around win-win scenario and all thanks to Immunetika.

My boy not only stopped getting colds and cases of flu, but he also started feeling better and more energetic in general. Another positive effect was that his digestion improved. He would complain about stomach aches or diarrheas from time to time and at some point, he was strictly on a fiber-rich diet with very low amounts of protein and fat. After I started using Immunetika, his digestion became better. He can eat pretty much anything now and feels alright!

Try It and You Won’t Regret It

I rarely advocate for any kinds of supplements, but this remedy is quite good. It has a lot of herbs and vitamins. I actually brought the remedy to my friend who is a doctor and he said that the composition of the remedy is very good. It has everything a human body needs to maintain a strong immune system.

I highly recommend the remedy to anyone who wants to protect their families from bacteria and viruses. Additional protection will never be a bad thing for your loved ones! Immunetika is relatively inexpensive and actually delivers on its promises.

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